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High altitude works

A large number of high-rise constructions are currently being used all over the world.

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They include:

  • industrial chimneys;
  • radio and TV towers;
  • mobile communication towers;
  • power transmission towers;
  • lighthouses;
  • bridges, crossovers, viaducts etc;
  • residential, administrative and industrial buildings;
  • other high-rise constructions.

Being particularly exposed to deterioration, high-rise constructions require special attention. Various factors such as atmospheric precipitation, seasonal and daily temperature oscillations, wind pressure, chemical influences etc. have an impact on the condition of high-rise constructions.

Practice demonstrates that the condition of high-rise constructions requires recurrent monitoring.

Monitoring should extend to:

  • condition of material the high-rise construction is built from (concrete, bricks, metal shape etc);
  • condition of metalwork (the ratio of corroded metal to non-corroded metal, the condition of fastening elements, the condition of anticorrosive coating);
  • condition of electric equipment on the high-rise construction (signal lights, lightning protection, electric light fitting);
  • verticality deviation;
  • condition of support structures (foundation elements etc.).