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Industrial chimneys

Chimneys – are complex building constructions operating in specific conditions and requiring particular attention on behalf of the organizations operating them.

At present, there exist four main types of industrial chimneys:

  • ferroconcrete (90 – 200m high);
  • brick (25 – 100m high);
  • metal;
  • bimetal, chimneys built from composite materials.

Most chimneys (ferroconcrete, brick) are fitted with a whole row of operating equipment including:

  • light platforms;
  • stairs;
  • electric light fittings (signal lights);
  • lightning protection;
  • clamping rings (brick chimneys);
  • combustion product filtration system etc.

The average operating lifespan of ferroconcrete chimneys is 40 years. In order to prolong the lifespan and to maintain operational state of the construction a set of restoration works is required.

MONTEX PLUSS possesses extensive experience, qualified specialists and technologies to provide solutions to these problems.

Condition survey:

  • condition of the protective concrete layer, cracks, peeling, bare reinforcement bars etc.
  • condition of chimney head;
  • condition of staircase reinforcement, light platforms, lightning protection, signal lights etc.
  • internal condition survey, condition surveys of backing, drip belts, the volume of ashy deposits etc.
  • gas flue survey, tightness of gas flue linking to the chimney.

Complete repairs:

  • restoration of the protective concrete layer;
  • repairs of light platform metal ware (complete dismantling, sandblast cleaning, anticorrosive polymeric coating, if necessary – partial or complete replacement of metalware components, erection works);
  • restoration of lightning protection components (replacement of lightning rods and conductor);
  • chimney head repair works (replacement of chimney cast-iron jack, ashy deposit cleaning in the ventilation slack between the chimney shaft and the backing);
  • backing repair works at the chimney head;
  • gas flue sealing;
  • ashy deposit cleaning at the chimney base;
  • chimney base coating.

Dismantling of chimneys

Similarly to other industrial constructions and because of their operational specificity, chimneys are particularly exposed to various damaging factors.

The operational lifespan of ferroconcrete chimneys varies from 40 to 50 years and at present most of these constructions have reached the state of deterioration and are subject to dismantling.

However, whereas the technology of erecting ferroconcrete chimneys is rather developed, little attention has been paid to the development of dismantling technologies.

In cooperation with our partners from Germany, we provide solutions for the whole set of issues related to the dismantling of high-rise constructions. The German company offers a wide range of technological schemes and corresponding equipment designed for conducting dismantling works of both brick and ferroconcrete chimneys.

The technologies of dismantling totally exclude methods involving explosives or collapsing techniques.

To date, in cooperation with the German partners, MONTEX PLUSS has successfully and within short terms completed the dismantling of a 150 m high ferroconcrete chimney located on the territory of the Baltic Power Plants in Narva. Kohtla-Järve chimney – equally belonging to the Baltic Power Plants – dismantling project is currently being developed.